Caroline Savaria’s love story

” I’m convinced that this total absence of pretension within our walls nourishes and stimulates the diversity and warmth of all these human and artistic exchanges. ”

This year, L’imprimerie’s annual donation campaign celebrates its team of workers!   

Throughout the donation campaign, we will introduce you to the team of workers, one precious person at a time, to highlight their respective expertise and include you even more in the heart of L’imprimerie. You will be introduced to each worker, as well as their love letter to L’imprimerie, printmaking and its artists. 

Today we’d like to introduce you to the wonderful Caroline Savaria! Warm and talented, Caroline brings her exceptional expertise to L’imprimerie and assists members with their printing projects. 

We invite you to discover her love story with L’imprimerie and her artistic practice through this article.

As a privileged witness to the evolution of this center, which resulted from the merger of the Cabinet, a photographic production space (then located at the Chat des artistes) and the Atelier Graff, I can only smile with satisfaction at how far we’ve come. Such a spirit of decompartmentalization of artistic practices, such a welcoming of the different socio-economic realities experienced by artists, both emerging and established, could only come about with a clear and assertive desire to distance ourselves from the rigidity of the art market. I’m convinced that this total absence of pretension within our walls nourishes and stimulates the diversity and warmth of all these human and artistic exchanges.

Working closely with our members to help them reach the full potential of their images, in line with their artistic vision, I benefit from a variety of human experiences that certainly take me away from the banal and repetitive. Add to this the pleasure of working with an equally dedicated and enthusiastic team, and it’s clear that the spirit that has formed at our address is an experience as beautiful as it is necessary in an age where the phenomena of overwork, dehumanizing competitiveness and ideological tensions show no signs of dying out on the horizon.

For me, L’Imprimerie is a breath of fresh air!

Petites expérimentations numériques

Crédit photo: Katya Konioukhova


Caroline Savaria (she/her) is a photographer and digital printing consultant. She has over 20 years’ experience in image processing, color calibration and digital printing. After graduating from Cégep du Vieux Montréal with a DEC in graphic design and photography, she pursued a career in commercial photography. Her love of illustration, photomontage, old and experimental photographic processes and cinematic aesthetics led her to work in artist-run centers. In 2014, Caroline made a name for herself in the visual arts community at Cabinet, a photographic production space. For several years, she has accompanied renowned artists including Evergon, Jean-Jacques Ringuette, Andrea Szilasi, Yann Pocreau, Michel Lamotte, Joanie Lafrenière and Aude Moreau. Since opening in 2016, L’imprimerie, center d’artistes, has continued to call on her sound advice and fine image expertise. 

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