Le Chantier : meet the artists !

We are happy to announce the names of the artists and author who will compose this first edition of Le Chantier – research project on the printed and photographic image.

Le Chantier is a vast collaborative research and creation project on the technical, aesthetic and theoretical aspects of printed and photographic image production. The centre’s dual identity is a precious asset for generating exchanges between various fields and bringing about changes in artistic practices that go beyond mere technological interdisciplinarity. Likewise, L’imprimerie believes that insubordination and creative freedom are the driving forces behind invention. Le Chantier focuses research on (synergistically and in no particular order): technological networking, interdisciplinarity, eco-friendly practices and publishing.

They are: Gwenaël Bélanger, Mathilde Forest, Mathieu Grenier, Janie Julien-Fort, Stéphanie Nuckle, Étienne Tremblay-Tardif and the author Céline Huyghebaert. Our artist-interns Camille Lamy and Eliza Olkinitskaya will also be joining the research group. Work already began and will continue on through December. Stay tuned : pictures and a blog to come !

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for this project.

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