Le Chantier: portrait of artist
Janie Julien-Fort

In the past year, nine artists whose approaches stem from print and photography completed a collective research and creation residency at L’imprimerie as part of Le Chantier – research project on the printed and photographic image. Utilizing the centre’s facilities allowed them to develop their personal projects while taking part in group reflection and exploration.

Aside from their work in the studio, these nine creators presented the result of their experiments to the public at the maison de la culture Maisonneuve in October and November. L’imprimerie invites you to discover their work.

Janie Julien-Fort

As part of Le Chantier – research project on the printed and photographic image, Janie Julien-Fort pursued her work on the latency or images and the passage of time, working with hand-written letters and photographs from her family archives. Once collected, these documents were printed on leaves through photosynthesis, using the chlorophyll’s sensitivity to light to materialize faces on the surface of various plants from her garden or local flora. In an ecological perspective, Janie’s work deals with photography in its simplest form: nature’s reaction to the sun.

The artist continued her experiments in the studio, embossing dried flowers under the press, digitizing various natural elements, making digital prints and etching directly on film. Displayed in the exhibition space, the resulting images carry a fragmented temporal melancholy, reminiscent of curio cabinets and herbaria.

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts for this project.

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