Mélanie Saumure

My project revolves around the creation of artists’ books inspired by poems written by women. The goal is to create a series of unique objects based on a poem and to group these pieces in a box. These items could take many forms (books, zines, cards, prints) and they would be produced using a variety of printing processes including photogravure, linocut and cyanotype. I want to work with words as a raw material. The process is therefore at the heart of the project and the poem becomes the starting point of my creative process. By choosing not to impose a theme, I want to give these women the freedom to decide on the subjects they want to address. I want their voices to guide me and inspire me to design images to accompany their anger, anguish, desire or elation. I want to engrave their words in paper and show uncultivated territories, traces left by absence, what remains of the past or wounded bodies that stand up.

Credit : Katya Konioukhova


Mélanie Saumure is a visual artist who studied cinema at Concordia University in Montréal, and both documentary filmmaking and photography at the Toronto Metropolitan University. By blurring the line between fiction and documentary, she likes to tell stories and to delve into different types of memories. Working across film, photography, artists’ books and print making, she uses archival and found material to explore the space between the personal and the impersonal, and to create new narratives. She lives and works in Tiohtiá:ke / Montréal, and she is currently pursuing her studies in the Print Media department at Concordia University.

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