Geneviève Dagenais – Albert-Dumouchel Award Winner, residency

The Prix Albert-Dumouchel for emerging artists fosters the emergence of new practices in the printed arts by celebrating the boldness and quality of research by emerging artists.
It is open to students enrolled in undergraduate visual arts or related programs whose practice is related to the printed arts. In collaboration with Arprim, L’imprimerie offers the winning artist a three-month residency, including 24/7 access to the workshops.

Photo credit: Catherine Dagenais


Graduate of the Visual and Media Arts program at UQAM (2022), Geneviève Dagenais’ practice is based primarily on the shaping, molding and processing of analog images, in a tension between possibilities and material constraints. In search of a poetic balance born of the encounter between subject and materiality, Geneviève brings image and object together in a delicate, ethereal expression. She explores notions of imprint, trace, time and disappearance.

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Project presentation

As part of this residency, I’m continuing my exploration of the possibilities of the image-object, both in the photographic subject and in the material manifestation of the work. Living next door, the proximity of my sculpture studio and L’imprimerie, an artist-run center, is the tipping point for this creative project. Thanks to this residency, I’m creating a bridge between these two studios, originally dedicated to their respective and distinct uses.

It is in this spirit that I amalgamate the language and objects of these two artistic disciplines: sculpture and printing. I use the portrait as a photographic approach, witnessing a cohabitation, or even a possible relationship, between an engraving cloth and a mold. These are propositions marked by the to-and-fro between two creative spaces, propositions that are multiplied tenfold in various forms and media, in terms of how the surface that hosts the image can influence its reading.

Photo credit: Geneviève Dagenais

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