Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois’s love story

I’m privileged to work closely with artists who have a wide range of experience, to witness their wishes and doubts, their achievements and their ideas taking root. ”   

This year, L’imprimerie’s annual donation campaign celebrates its team of workers!  

Throughout the donation campaign, we will introduce you to the team of workers, one precious person at a time, to highlight their respective expertise and include you even more in the heart of L’imprimerie. Every two weeks, you will be introduced to each worker, as well as their love letter to L’imprimerie, printmaking and its artists. 

Programming director Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois is widely appreciated for her dynamism, commitment and grandiose ideas. For nearly five years now, she has been passionately contributing to making L’imprimerie a vibrant and innovative place. 

We invite you to discover her love story with L’imprimerie and her personal artistic practice through this article.

Eau déminéralisée, souple sans parfum, infusion mensuelle, 2023
Collage and paint; ebru-style handmade marbled paper on acrylic, 16 x 20 cm

Massage nuagique sans données mobiles. Les ondes météo s’élèvent, s’agglomèrent. Le temps se tasse, 2023
Collage and paint; ebru-style handmade marbled paper on acrylic, 22 x 30 cm

Photo credit: Jean-Michael Seminaro
Editing: Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois

 I love L’imprimerie because it’s a luminous place where you can meet compassionate people engaged in their community. Every day, I discover new studio practices, I exchange ideas with kind-hearted people, and we reflect together on ways to support the effervescence of today’s art scene. For 5 years now, I’ve been developing an artistic program for artists and creators working with print and photography. I chose to commit myself to an artist(s)-run center, specifically a production space, because I find it remedies many of the ills of the artistic community. Indeed, L’imprimerie is a solution to the shortage of artist studios in Montreal, as the center pools resources and equipment, democratizing access for creators.    

Photo credit: Bernard Brault

Photo credit: Bernard Brault

La Vitrine Virtuelle Montérégienne creative residency, 2023
Prototype of public artwork
Electrostatic powder-coated aluminum and sublimation printing
99 x 78 x 3.5 cm
Photo credit: Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois

Furthermore, together with our team of employees and the members of our various committees, we adapt our policies, programs and services to the changing realities of our members. For me, working at L’imprimerie is a social and political commitment. I value the solidarity among artists and the culture of the visual arts. Showing that alternatives exist is a way to push past at our consumerist, performance-driven society. I’m privileged to work closely with artists who have a wide range of experience, to witness their wishes and doubts, their achievements and their ideas taking root. On a day-to-day basis, I create opportunities for artists to share their knowledge, with the assurance of fair remuneration for their contribution to society. All in all, I feel I’m contributing to the development of Quebec’s cultural identity! ” 

Photo credit: Katya Koniokhova


Geneviève Cadieux-Langlois  (she/her) is a graduate in both the creation and teaching profiles from the School of Visual and Media Arts at UQAM. She combines cultural work in artist-run centers with an artistic practice in visual arts. Over the past three years, Geneviève has developed public art projects in the Montérégie region, establishing landmarks that become spaces of gathering and reflection for the people living alongside them. Her research interests have led her to acclimatize to the places where her work is installed through print media, collage and sculpture. She is currently developing a series of collages from paper printed using a marbling process that involves painting with inks suspended by a seaweed-based gel. The artist sees her collage work as the starting point for formal research – in order to define the colour palettes, textures and motifs that will be found on her sculptural works as they relate to their living environment. She has participated in many exhibitions and residencies in Canada and abroad (France, Poland), including Sagamie (Alma, Qc), Imago (Moncton, N.B.) and Zocalo (Longueuil, Qc), and has received several government program grants for her projects. In 2022, she received the Prix Relève Culture Montérégie – Télé-Québec , and a video featuring her work was produced in recognition of her work and involvement in the region (watch here). All of this while overseeing programming at L’imprimerie for nearly 5 years now. As part of her mandate, Geneviève directed the programming of Le Chantier – a research project on eco-friendly practices from 2020 to 2023. 

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