The Happy Hours of June

A discussion with the artists Emmanuelle Jacques and Caroline Boileau

Wednesday, June 19 at 5 p.m

Joins us for our double-feature of the Happy Hours ! On the menu, there will be the presentations of the two ongoing Customized Residency Projects  by artists: Emmanuelle Jacques and Caroline Boileau. In addition, Ileana Hernandez will be present to talk to us about her ongoing installation, Les ponts [Bridges], currently in L’Écrin.

As usual, the event is a potluck formula. Bring you drinks and a dish to share if you feel like it. Children are welcome!

Emmanuelle Jacques

Emmanuelle Jacques continues to develop her long-term project, Création de richesse/Labour of Love. To do this, she transformed the Salon of L’imprimerie into a meeting place where she invite mother artists to discuss the issues associated with this dual identity.

If you haven’t been able to meet her yet, do not miss her sessions in June.
You can make an appointment by writing to her directly at: emmanuellejacques[a]

To learn more about her project, don’t hesitate to visit the Call for participation.

Caroline Boileau

Caroline Boileau has been involved in research related to health – intimate, public, social and political – for several years. She is interested in the different ways of living, representing and speaking about the body.

For her residency at L’imprimerie, Caroline Boileau has started cataloguing the hundreds of pictures taken during her various research trips to Europe. Snapped in 2018, these photographs have become source documents, which the artist examines, edits and modifies to constitute a printed picture bank that can then be transformed via drawing, or simply be used as a reference tool. This collection of images, ideas and possibilities, is also part of her research for a residency in Liège next summer and fall (2019), at the RAVI (Résidences-Atelier Vivegnis International).

Web site of the artist.

Banner: Emmanuelle Jacques, untitled, 2019, and Caroline Boileau, untitled, 2019.

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