Picnic of Le Chantier

Le Chantier: a research project on eco-friendly art practices
June 15th, 2022

L’imprimerie invites the cultural community, its members and the citizens of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighbourhood to a walk followed by a picnic on Wednesday, June 15 at 4pm to discuss eco-friendly artistic practices.

This event will be co-hosted by artists Sophie Cabot (Le Chantier), Clara Painchaud, Madeleine Gauthier, Annie France Leclerc and Cristel Silva (Les adventices). L’imprimerie will be the starting point of the walk through the neighborhood’s alleys towards the Steinberg woodland, the site of a convivial picnic. Informal discussions will address issues of eco-friendly practices based on questions such as: What is an ecological image? How can the visual arts community act or become aware of the issue? What are the alternative practices in print and photography? What gestures would allow us to develop an eco-responsible lifestyle and creation?

The atmosphere will be friendly and conducive to various points of view. Bring your snack, favorite drink, and small objects to document your experience (notebook, camera, etc.) if you wish. Departure from L’imprimerie will be around 4pm. In case of rain the event will be postponed to mid-July.

To know more about Le Chantier: a research project on eco-friendly art practices and Les adventices the showcase project

The event is free and children are welcome.

*Note on the location of the picnic: The sector including the Steinberg woodland and the former CSF wasteland are the object of a citizen’s mobilization against an important industrial-port project which threatens the environment and the health of the inhabitants of the neighbourhood. The project is an intermodal platform that the company Ray-Mont Logistiques (RML) wishes to install on the site of Assomption Sud Longue-Pointe. Source: Coalition Climat Montréal, Mobilisation 6600 Parc-Nature MHM

To know more about the history and ecosystem of the sector

To know more about the mobilization and sign the petition

Credit: image of a documentation of Agnès Denes in the context of her work with the Wheatfield

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