Alexandra Tanguay-Verreault – CUSTOM RESIDENCY

My project ELLES INNUSHKUEU : les petites filles de sorcières de la Côte-Nord, funded by CALQ (Conseil des arts et lettres du Québec) in 2023, is based around a collection of illustrated poems and a short film, inspired by the stories of North Coast women. The projet explores themes of femininity, identity, and intercultural reconciliation. Each chapter of the collection is dedicated to a woman interviewed, combining poetry and illustration to express their experiences and emotions. The project aims to highlight the value of women’s voices and to bring native and non-native peoples closer together through art.

During my residency, I’m seeking to perfect the quality of my prints for an exhibition planned at l’Alternative in Baie-Comeau in August 2024. My focus on printmaking techniques aims to ensure a professional rendering of these meaningful works, to present an authentic and powerful vision of the women of the North Coast.

Photo credit: Jonathan Corinus


Born in Montreal, visual artist Alexandra Tanguay-Verreault lives in Sept-îles and works with communities in the Côte-Nord region. Through her artistic practice, she transforms a thirst for social change into a creative leitmotiv – interweaving politics, community organization, creativity, psychology, social work and, often, the long-term participation of community members. With a master’s degree in social work and a certificate in art therapy, her work is a philosophical reflection on the individual’s capacity for self-healing in the face of adversity.

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Photo credit: Alexandra Tanguay-Verreault

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