Josie-Anne Lemieux — Specimens: improbable fossils

This customized residency project is the continuation of a documentary process started in 2018 which she calls Domestic Archeology. At L’imprimerie, centre d’artistes, in collaboration with Argile Atelier, she perfected a technique that enabled her to use embossed paper as a mold for ceramics. Ultimately, these experiments will develop a collection of specimens that reflect family life by giving them the appearance of vestiges. By adopting the posture of a mother-archaeologist with humor, her apartment is the territory of exploration, the artist studios are the laboratories of analysis and restoration.


Multidisciplinary artist, mother and stepmother, Josie-Anne Lemieux lives and works in Montreal. She continues her approach in visual arts after having developed a practice in documentary and experimental cinema.

The artist and the team of L’imprimerie thank Atelier Argile for the realization of this custom project.

Photo credits : Katya Konioukhova and Josie-Anne Lemieux

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