Maggy Flynn

For a few years, I have been creating projects that generate a lot of material (images, writing, files, notes, etc.). With Custom Project, I want to carry out the research and creation of a prototype for a publication, bringing together the projects from 2015 to 2021. I want to make visible some of the projects that have remained invisible until now. Between archiving, writing, image processing, collage, binding and printing, my desire is to create a final prototype which will then be used for a publication. Take the time to continue the writing process, write the briefs related to the projects, the memories, the highlights, the questions, etc. Physically play with the layout, make collages and create the binding.


Maggy Flynn pursues an interdisciplinary practice motivated by the desire to divert the routines of daily life by creating unlikely encounters in people’s lives. Her projects include drawing, video, writing, action art, participatory projects and intervention in public space; since 2008, they have been presented as part of artistic events in Quebec, (3e Impérial, Imprimerie, Dare-Dare, L’Orchestre d’Hommes-orchestres, Péristyle nomade) and in community contexts (Hochelaga- Maisonneuve and Center-Sud in Montreal, Ontario, the United States and Ireland). Her career also includes performances, collaborative projects and group exhibitions.

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