Nicole Panneton — À fleur de peau

Fleur de peau, a hybrid exploratory film (video and animation) produced for the custom project À fleur de peau. A film that brings together several of my practices.

This film was constructed, frame by frame – sequence by sequence, with intuition and spontaneity, without any predefined plan. Go blind, dive and dare as in performance. But starting from a series of spontaneous drawings made on a daily basis; organic, animal and other forms. These drawings to try to understand what constitutes me, like a camera wandering around inside my body.

And it seemed necessary for me to insert traces of performative presences. I then filmed myself so that the attention was focused on the expression of my face and my breathing. But adding a few gestures: hands over mouth (saying too much), hands over ears (hearing too much) and hands over eyes (seeing too much).

Watching the final sequence over and over again made me realize that I was weaving the fabric of my life there: from the fascinated child, to the adult who says “no to the straight line”, and where I’m headed. And unknowingly, the past, the present and the future have come together in this film.

Extract from the film Fleur de peau

Photos  Nicole Panneton

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