Simon Emond artist in RECIPROCITY exchange program

L’imprimerie welcomes Simond Emond from Centre SAGAMIE

Avril 2022

L’imprimerie welcomes Simon Emond, a member of Centre SAGAMIE, for a research-creation residency in April 2022!

Reciprocity is an exchange program for artists in residency between 6 artist-run-centers in Québec : Presse Papier, Atelier Circulaire, Zocalo, Engramme, L’imprimerie and SAGAMIE. The Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) encourages and supports the movement of works and artists on Quebec territory through structuring disciplinary initiatives such as the Inter-centres / contemporary art Program – Dissemination and Mobility initiated by Centre SAGAMIE in the visual arts field. In addition to their residencies, the selected artists will be presented on a web platform.

Simon Emond (they) is a photographer born in Canada. They live in Métabetchouan, a small lakeside town in Quebec. Simon launched their first artistic endeavor in late 2017, when they exhibited gigantic portraits in the town’s streets. In 2019, they followed up with Noir sirène by displacing Norwegian landscapes onto their own homeland. They have gone on to receive several grants, prizes, and honorary mentions, in addition to holding exhibitions in Quebec, as well as a forthcoming exhibit in Portugal.

Recently, they co-published Rebâtir le ciel, an award-winning photo-literary work exploring the night sky along with the queer community living in remote areas. Their print works are usually the result of digital darkroom explorations, where heavy luminosity editing contributes to dislocating the image. The photographs therefore transcend the subject matter and the situation captured by the camera.

Recently, Jeanne Dark was shortlisted for the Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts Young Portfolio (Japan) and the All About Photo Awards (USA). This body of work in progress focuses on the memory of Jeanne-d’Arc, a village that once bordered Lac Saint-Jean in Quebec and was engulfed by water when foreign companies and the government took secret action to turn the lake into a larger-than-expected hydroelectric reservoir.

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Photo credit: Simon Emond

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