Artist talk with François Rioux

Online artist talk with François Rioux

Performance by Marie-Claude Gendron

Performance archive by Marie-Claude Gendron

L’Écrin – Back to Le grand verre de Maryse Arseneault

“Where does the body of an object and mine stop?My reflexion is grounded in ecofeminist theory and examines material vitality in a context of anthropocene.”

L’Écrin – A look back on “L’été infini” by Marie-Claude Gendron

“It seems that I like to trust the potentialities of plural creation where uncertainty and risk are placed on a pedestal.”

Happy Hours of November

Meet the artist Maggy Flynn and Chuck Samuels
Wednesday, November 6 at 5 p.m.

L’Écrin – Back to “Les ponts” by Ileana Hernandez

“Taking apart a world to build a new one from a different perspective—that’s my way of being aware of the different realities around me.”

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