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L’Anastrophe by Marie-Claude Gendron

L’imprimerie presented the performance «L’Anastrophe» of the artist-in-residence Marie-Claude Gendron. It was the result of her research in L’Écrin, conducted from February 1st to March 18th and extended via an online broadcast until mid-June 2020. It will be an attempt to slip onto the sensitive surface of the present through the dissemination of images and texts that tell the story of «L’Été infini» written by Madame Nielsen.


Performance by Marie-Claude Gendron artist-in-residence in L’Écrin
September 30, 2020

Through a multidisciplinary approach in art action, visual arts and media arts, Marie-Claude Gendron tries to identify the patterns of a community that is constantly evolving in the public, private and intimate spheres. She considers the potential of the archive and the ruin by putting in action and in space that she sometimes presents as “tableaux vivants.” In the idea of gross commemoration, her project highlight the inevitable transformation of the existing. She is interested in the multiple possibilities of the book object and the different forms of poetry in action. 

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The artist extends his warmest thanks to Caroline Boileau and Stéphane Gilot, curators of L’Écrin, the team at L’imprimerie, his lover, friends and family, and to the authors who live there and who were particularly present during his residency: Ms. Nielsen, Hector de Saint-Denys-Garneau and Marguerite Duras.


video: Christian Bujold
photo credits: Katya Konioukhova

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