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Print is a starting point.

Multiple and multiform object, it animates us, fascinates us and sometimes obsesses us! For it, we cross the light and the shade and overcome many obstacles: sanding, washing, gluing, soaking, wetting, drying, spending hours in front of a screen… We print, again and again.

Print brings us together, because it takes a place and resources to print. And what a place! A vast space bathed in light, large work surfaces that see all the colors, presses that have many stories to tell, printers that work their magic and couches that welcome and collect the words, thoughts, rest of the artists. Art is made patiently, step by step, every day, at L’imprimerie. One print at a time.

It is to keep this place alive that you make a donation to L’imprimerie. To allow us to maintain and improve our professional services, facilities and activities. To encourage us to continue our research into more environmentally responsible ways of making art and running a production organization. To support a dedicated team that develops projects, welcomes artists and shares its expertise with care, heart and generosity. Last but not least, it is to support a community of print lovers – whether traditional, analog, photographic or digital – who have made L’imprimerie their studio, their living room, their home.

Giving to L’imprimerie is simply saying “I love you”.

I Love L’imprimerie is an emotional propaganda campaign. You can discover love letters from our faithful members.

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